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It accurately describes the evolution of research from a singular to an interdisciplinary pursuit capable of solving the complex challenges before humanity today. And with modern research methods becoming more specialized and pressing health issues increasing in complexity, collaboration among scientists trained in different fields has become essential.

Successful scientific teams and organizations require highly collaborative and communicative interactions. Staff must be valued and trusted as individuals yet perform as a high functioning team. Most scientists have little to no training in how to create, manage and lead highly competitive, dynamic teams. But they could…

That’s where I come in. 

I support scientists, research teams, and organizations in maximizing innovation and strategic thinking in building and sustaining team science effectiveness. In case you are wondering if you are in the right place, here are a few scenarios that may sound familiar.

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If you are a scientist seeking to jump-start a new team, revitalize an existing one, or bring together people from across sectors to address a difficult challenge…then you are in the right place. I have extensive experience guiding teams through strategic scientific planning sessions while incorporating the principles of team science along the way. 

For teams, I can get them started on developing a collaboration plan, in addition to their research plan, something many funding agencies are now requiring. 

For those envisioning a conference or retreat that will lead to concrete outputs, I can help you design an event where sharing ideas, collecting them, and then assimilating them into an action plan is a major focus.


If you’re an organizational leader envisioning greater competitiveness through the cultivation of collaborative cultures…then you are in the right place. Creating cultures of collaboration starts with clarity around organizational values and beliefs. I will work with the leadership team to establish or refresh the organizational values and beliefs such that they align with the collaborative culture they want to create. From there, many different possible paths for engaging the community and having them participate in the creation of the new organization are possible. We’ll assess which path will be the most impactful for your organization. 


If you are a boundary spanner, research development professional, or support faculty development and you are in need of someone to conduct training or design a workshop for developing knowledge skills…then you are in the right place. I’ll work with you to custom design team science training for your specific purposes. Whether junior or advanced in their careers, I will propose a highly interactive experience that provides theoretical knowledge paired with exercises and activities so participants can begin practicing new skills or brush-up on rusty ones.

The benefits of Team Science.png

Collaboration across diverse scientific fields to solve present-day to day problems can be highly advantageous. But if you need more convincing of the benefits of team science, here you go…

The creation of collaborative cultures
Increased effectiveness and impact
Intentionally built teams 
Strengthening competitiveness

Greater creativity and innovation
Productive conflict across differences
Enhanced trust and psychological safety

Sustained accomplishment / team performance over time

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