About Me

Trained as a molecular oncologist with a focus on genetic susceptibility to cancer, I discovered during my PhD training that my passions were not at at the laboratory bench. Yet, my experience in collaboratively pursuing of the localization of and characterizing the human BRCA1 gene, set the stage for my future. It was true then, and I believe it is even more true today, we can accomplish more together than any one of us can accomplish alone. 

I spent two years as an independent researcher before heading to the National Cancer Institute to support a newly formed organization that brought basic scientists together with clinical researchers into a single organization. The goal of this novel merger was to facilitate translational research. It was there that my interest in what was contributing to successful team functioning was sparked. What led teams to flourish or fail? What were they doing differently? How could those secrets be shared?

Over the course of my journey two experiences further fueled my interest in helping people, especially scientists or those working in scientific organizations, attain their personal and professional goals. This included becoming a Certified Executive Coach followed by participating in training to learn about Mutual Learning and the essential nature of mindset in both our relationships and the work we do together. 

These are the major milestones that have brought me to where I am today - and may provide some insight into my interest in helping others achieve their goals.

By the Numbers and Letters

I love to be outside, especially walking with Bodie (left) and Astro (right). Here we are in Sedona.